perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2009

Photo Friday : The Weekend . viikonloppuna ALSO UNIQUE'S PHOTO CHALLENGE : MUSIC

Yes I'm going to a Consert in this weekend !!! This is an advertisement on my refridgerator door to remain me about the consert. The Artist Jari Sillanpää is on a Consert Tour of Latin Rythms
more pics about The Weekend you'll find in
THIS PHOTO IS ALSO IN Unique's Photo Challenge in
Jesss ! Viikonloppu ja harvinaista kyllä olen menossa jonnekin eli konserttiin Kokkolaan Snellman-saliin Jari Sillanpäätä kuuntelemaan. Kuvassa on mainos joka on jääkaappini ovessa :)

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  1. With this kind of magnets, and my child, you would never find again your advertisement.
    The magnet would become far more important for my kid than any information no

  2. I leave in Paris, but just around the corner of Saint-Ouen. I can go there walking. If you need help. Let me know when you'll come.

    The cimetery of Le Père Lachaise, is the most important one in Paris, Jim Morrison, Piaf, Oscar Wilde and many others are burried here.
    Don't know if it exist postcards ? It's far better passing by and visiting. It's a very old cimetery at the same time.