lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2009

ALSO Photo Friday : High Speed thru Ruotsalo-villageroad by night. Kaahailua kevätyössä.

It was a foggy night and nobody else awake not even mooses. More in HIGH SPEED you'll find in

* Oli sumuinen yö ja kiire ABClle ennenkuin sulkevat. Ei ristinsielua mailla eikä halmeilla.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Vauhdin hurmaa! Taisi sataa, vai sumuako ilmassa, ei se kesäyön ajelua haittaa:-)

  2. There was a city there? Wow, you really WERE moving fast! I haven't tried this technique, mainly because Tonka can't drive and my readers get all freaked out when I shoot and drive at the same time. But I may have to try it. I like the effect!