keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2011

MAY 2011 PHOTO HUNT my photos

1. Wind.

2. Sprout.   * uusi vaahtera itää

3. Fresh

4. Vibrant

5. Unique : Land Uplift ; in 2000 years there will be a land connection to Sweden from Finland  NOTICE : ICE still on shore 15.5.2011* maankohoaminen ja jäätä merenrannalla vielä 15.5. extra : I tried to find a Raft Spider but I did find only water spiders but nice eyes they have, haven't they .....* etsin rantahämähäkkiä ja löysin vesihämähäkin.

6. Wet roud in evening.

7. Lines   * kasvusto linjassa

8. A Spring Activity : my family has helped me a lot this year by working with garden rakes, as my back has been sick. Spintops has been spinning sice 1.5. and my flowers are sprouting little by little in flowerbeds.

9. Reading material.  * lukemista

10. One point perspective  lines are pointing here to the sun ! if you follows the lines of this house.

* aurinko kerää talon perspektiivilinjat yhteen pisteeseen !

11. Something Juicy : Finnsh Spring Mead !  * saiskos olla simaa.

Photos of Others who are participating you'll find in june in

2 kommenttia:

  1. beautiful pictures. I love how bright blue the sky is in so many of them. Very nice set.

  2. Love your sprout and fresh photos! Great job this month!