sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2011

June 2011 Photo Hunt. Photos by Nukke

1. Sun/Lens Flare.  Nice sunset after warm summerday.

2. A Street Scene. In St. Ouen Fleemarkets the weather was very warm too.

3. Signage on Passage Jouffroy. These Passages were cool and it was very nice to stay there out of the sun  some time and make window shopping.

4. Creative Crop. A tiny flower and an even tinier bug.

5. A Fountain

6. B&W with Selective Coloring

7. Cookout.  ( I almost burned them :)

8. Body of Water

9. Great Outdoors. Marsh tea is blooming Midsummertime in Scandinavia. The odor is very strong.

10. Fish. Herring and new potatoes.

11. Roughing It : when you start making paper mache work you might like to make rough body first. And after that the real work begins by adding paper mache on the surface.
+ some extras to show how this work goes on :

The aim is to make them look like this : smooth texture, some paint added and then comes decorations and details. To finish them takes time and lots of patient.

12. A Different Point of View : It's not easy to be a Scandinavian Trollman ! (big family and hard climate :)

......more photos in this challenge you'll find in July in

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  1. Very nice photos !!!! Thank you (me) for seeing the inconvenience !